Attn:  Emerging Superheroes

Transformational Life Coach and Motivational Speaker
Ralph J Huntington, creator of the
​Quantum Mindset Formula,
is your Obi Wan

He has your mindset lightsaber
and the esoteric knowledge you need
to transform your life and business.

Are you ready?


You are the superhero in your life, the Ellen Ripley or Luke Skywalker who must protect your world from existential threats. Only you can do it, yes, but no one can do it alone. Every hero or heroine needs an Obi Wan. Ralph J Huntington is your Obi Wan. His unique super self-empowering Quantum Mindset Formula is your lightsaber. Take it up through individual and/or group coaching and the members-only QMF Club.


As a super-empowering, super-motivating speaker, Mr Huntington electrifies listeners with a cascade of actionable mindset and spirituality takeaways. Like no other. Guaranteed. Comments from listeners include "Best talk ever!", "The Law of Attraction on crack!", and "He's not like anyone you've heard before" and more. People leave energized. Special accommodation for 501(c)3 orgs. Limited dates.


Personal mentoring of boys to men, men to supermen, and online entrepreneurs of any age or gender to unlimited success. Very few openings available. Self-assessment essay and in-person candid interview required. Your openness, passion, determination, and commitment to success will be the deciding factors. Expectations are of life-long success, therefore many mentorships tend to be long-term commitments.


Mr Huntington has a number of fiction and non-fiction titles prepared and  ready for release from late in 2019 and throughout 2020. Titles include "The Quantum Mechanics of Consciousness", "Quantum Mindset Formula", "I Am Who Am and You Am Too", and "Unraveling the Great Bamboozle". Sign up to be kept informed of release dates. Mr Huntington will reserve autographed copies for each person on this list.

Law of Attraction = Quantum Mechanics

Ralph J Huntington and his breakthrough research reframe the Law of Attraction in terms of Quantum Mechanics. Mr Huntington demonstrates that mindset is the QM control panel and programmable user interface. The one and only thing over which you have absolute and exclusive control is the content of your mind. Fifty years of research distilled into the Quantum Mindset Formula codifies the mindset features and functions that determine the quality of life's outcomes. QMF is LOA 'on steroids'. This is your lightsaber. 

Transform Your Life. Live Your Dream.

Each person is a god or a goddesses. There is literally nothing else to be.
Mr Huntington's mission is to help you discover, think, and act, as who you really are.
Only the bold, brave, daring, and adventuresome can know their spiritual reality and purpose.