All Prayers Are Answered

You don't have to be religious to pray. Any request of the Cosmos or Universe (or whatever you call your sense of higher power) is valid as 'prayer'. The Universe is conscious, intelligent, fully aware, and knows you. All prayers are answered. No waiting! So why does it often appear as if a prayer has not been heard or answered?


Do you believe you are worthy to receive? If no, then you block the gift you have requested. The Cosmos will not overrule your choices for yourself!

Do you believe what you ask is possible? If no, then you block the fulfillment. The Cosmos will not give you something you don't believe in!

Are you committed to it? If no, then you block the event. The Cosmos will not swamp you with things you have not committed to receiving.

Is it a good thing you ask that also benefits others (win-win-win) or not (win-lose)? If your prayer would put anyone else at a disadvantage, the Cosmos will not do it!

Do you trust you will receive or do you worry about it, fear it may not manifest or doubt anything about it? Then it will not happen. Fear and doubt keep the blessings out.

Nothing's for nothing, in this world or any other. Be who you are. Believe in your dream. Act on it as and when inspired. Always rock your style!

Ralph J Huntington

Ralph J Huntington lives at the intersection of science and spirituality. Following a lengthy engineering and consulting technical career, Ralph has connected the dots between Quantum Mechanics, the mindset, and manifest reality. He has codified his revolutionary method into his Quantum Mindset Formula, which he likes to think of as a "Law of Attraction" operating manual. You are invited to connect. facebook