As You Say It

As you say it, so it is for you. Literally. The creative power of speech is a godly power and standard human equipment. You are a god or a goddess. There's nothing else to be. Be who you are and create the life you want, not the life you don't want. Only you can make it happen. 


Nothing is imposed on you that you don't allow. For example, do you find yourself using throw-away lines, either for comic effect or, much worse, to express your life's seemingly impossible ironies? Some notions should not be given voice.

Common disempowering negative throw-away lines include "just my luck" and "it figures" and even "I never get a parking space". That's a good way to reinforce what you don't want. Stop saying it! (btw, I always get a parking space; ask my family and friends.)

You are a god or a goddess. Your reality responds to what you say. Your body listens to you and obeys you. If you say you only have to look at a cake to gain weight, then that's exactly what will happen. Just as you say it. It's not spooky; it's just QM.

Try saying things differently. Instead of saying how broke you are all the time (if that's the case) try reframing the issue. First, pretend in your mind that you will have enough money for whatever you need it for.

Like a little kid, play pretend in your mind. Act as if it is so. Say it aloud (in private if need be, but it doesn't have to be at volume). Feel what it feels like. Connect good feelings with your desired outcomes.

Eschew negative feeling tones. Replace them with positive tones. Become sensitive to subtle variations in feeling tone. Feelings are the guideposts in life. Facts come and go, but truth abides. Your feelings reveal what is true.

What you consistently say takes shape in your life. Practice saying things that comport with your fond desires.

You are a god or a goddess. You don't need to qualify for bountiful abundance. All you need to do is manifest it, which you accomplish with your mindset and the things you say and actions you take.

Be who you are! Believe in your fondest dream! Act on it as and when inspired. Always rock your style!

Ralph J Huntington

Ralph J Huntington lives at the intersection of science and spirituality. Following a lengthy engineering and consulting technical career, Ralph has connected the dots between Quantum Mechanics, the mindset, and manifest reality. He has codified his revolutionary method into his Quantum Mindset Formula, which he likes to think of as a "Law of Attraction" operating manual. You are invited to connect. facebook

  • Samantha Kazarinov-Hawk says:

    I love your ‘Law of Attraction’ operating manual! When life happens in challenging ways, it can be a sign of Karmic contracts or even neglecting your chosen path, but with careful and consistent focus on what you want in your life, combined with gratitudes from the heart, your heart’s desires will manifest. Xx

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