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Be Who You Are

My previous post spoke of prayer, but not of God. Instead, I used "Cosmos" and "Universe" to refer to the highest power, a reference to "All That Is"--which is to say, God. It matters not what you call it or how you style it. It only matters how you relate to it. In essence, you are it and it is you. There's nothing else to be. It knows you personally. Relate to it on any level comfortable for you. It is you. Be who you are!

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All Prayers Are Answered

You don't have to be religious to pray. Any request of the Cosmos or Universe (or whatever you call your sense of higher power) is valid as 'prayer'. The Universe is conscious, intelligent, fully aware, and knows you. All prayers are answered. No waiting! So why does it often appear as if a prayer has not been heard or answered?

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As You Say It

As you say it, so it is for you. Literally. The creative power of speech is a godly power and standard human equipment. You are a god or a goddess. There's nothing else to be. Be who you are and create the life you want, not the life you don't want. Only you can make it happen. 

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The Great Bamboozle

A 2017 Gallup poll found that eighty-five percent of workers hate their jobs. Eighty-five of every hundred employed people! If that's true--and from what I've heard talking to people myself, I can believe it--then chances are, you're one of those unhappy workers. There's hope!

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Everyone Needs Coaching

Everyone needs coaching. Here's why. No matter what skill you want to develop, the benefit of personal guidance from someone who has mastered that is truly inestimable. Whatever the fee for the coaching is, it is much less than the value of the time you would need to devote to learning the skill through trial and error. Who has the time anyway? But wait! There's more!

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Nothing’s for Nothing

I like to say, “Nothing’s for nothing” and ocassionally someone will ask, “What’s that mean, ‘Nothing’s for nothing’?”

“Nothing’s for Nothing” means nothing happens for no reason. It means there are no accidents, no random occurrences. Because nothing’s for nothing, dreams can be made real, but it also means that every event necessarily involves prior enabling thoughts and actions. (And therein lies a crucial clue.)

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Start Living Your Dream Today

Are you in a holding pattern? Almost everyone has a dream of a better life, but most people seem to be waiting for something to happen before they can begin. As you already know, that strategy really doesn't work. There's always something else to do or add, another shiny object to consider, or something more to prepare before everything will be just perfect. But 'perfection' is a concept. 

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