Nothing’s for Nothing

I like to say, “Nothing’s for nothing” and ocassionally someone will ask, “What’s that mean, ‘Nothing’s for nothing’?”

“Nothing’s for Nothing” means nothing happens for no reason. It means there are no accidents, no random occurrences. Because nothing’s for nothing, dreams can be made real, but it also means that every event necessarily involves prior enabling thoughts and actions. (And therein lies a crucial clue.)

“Nothing’s for Nothing” means there are no forced errors, unearned consequences or inconsequential actions, however subtle or imposing. It means you really can’t beat the Laws of Physics or outsmart Mother Nature, but it also means that if you are determined to reach an achievable goal you can’t be stopped.

Quantum Mechanics shows that any event is dependent in some way on every observer of the event. “Nothing’s for Nothing” points to synchronicity as the inevitable natural consequence of quantum entanglement, which inferentially confirms that we create our own realities, literally.

“Nothing’s for Nothing” acknowledges that everything is coincidentally related to everything else and that life is a real, multifaceted, multidimensional, fully entangled collaborative experience of our own design.

It is up to each and every one of us, individually and collectively, to make life on this planet be what people who are kind and generous and loving want it to be.

Ralph J Huntington

Ralph J Huntington lives at the intersection of science and spirituality. Following a lengthy engineering and consulting technical career, Ralph has connected the dots between Quantum Mechanics, the mindset, and manifest reality. He has codified his revolutionary method into his Quantum Mindset Formula, which he likes to think of as a "Law of Attraction" operating manual. You are invited to connect. facebook