The Great Bamboozle

A 2017 Gallup poll found that eighty-five percent of workers hate their jobs. Eighty-five of every hundred employed people! If that's true--and from what I've heard talking to people myself, I can believe it--then chances are, you're one of those unhappy workers. There's hope!


To understand how this happened, we must look at the Great Bamboozle (the subject of a book being readied for release). The premise of this particular thesis is that a global conspiracy by the ├╝berelite to disenfranchise the bulk of humanity has resulted in a perverse form of voluntary enslavement where the responsible, honorable, stand-up way to behave is to take on debt and shackle yourself to a company stove.

My purpose is not to assign blame or point fingers. My purpose is the single-minded unraveling of the bamboozle, to lay it bare, that its falsehoods and emotional extortion be exposed and demystified. My purpose is to set you free of the Great Bamboozle that has you trapped in a job you hate (among myriad other injuries and injustices I shall discuss in due course).

The Great Bamboozle is a hackneyed collection of overarching nonsense delivered in solemn tones of foregone fate as if these things were the very laws of physics themselves instead of the cockamaymie BS that they really are.

Case in point: We are told and endlessly retold that to 'get ahead' in life or 'succeed' in life we must put our noses to the grindstone, buckle down, get a grip, work hard, and maybe--just maybe--you might succeed but you'll be warned that most ventures do not.

But none of those things are true. The idea that to produce more you must work harder is directly contradicted by the lawa of physics. For example, greater efficiency is achieved by expending less effort, not more. If you're "working hard" you may be working too hard.

The bamboozle says you must get your feet on the ground and get a grip. In fact, you need to lighten up, let go and trip the light fantastic. You will never realize your dream by having a firm grip on anything. You must let go at least in your mind in order to move on. I'll talk a lot more about this point in coming posts.

Meanwhile, here's an easy fun exercise you can do to increase your own efficiency:

Play pretend in your mind (like little kids do) and try out different versions of your dreamlife, imagining each time that it is real. Take your time and notice your feeling tone as you explore different scenarios and ideas.

Key key is to identify scenarios and ideas that most resonate with you, that give warm-n-fuzzy feelings in the chest area and energetic feelings (but no tension) in the solar plexus.

These are very powerful indicators and hint at mindset adjustments that will lead to your dream life. For me, it was picturing myself as a life coach helping people realize their dreams. The more I moved in that dorection, the better and more energized I felt. Try it out!

Ralph J Huntington

Ralph J Huntington lives at the intersection of science and spirituality. Following a lengthy engineering and consulting technical career, Ralph has connected the dots between Quantum Mechanics, the mindset, and manifest reality. He has codified his revolutionary method into his Quantum Mindset Formula, which he likes to think of as a "Law of Attraction" operating manual. You are invited to connect. facebook