The Truth about Meditation

Meditation holds much promise for spiritual unfoldment, but there's a lot of uncertainty among the public about it. We are told to meditate, but not really told how to meditate, except to sit erect, breathe properly and 'clear the mind'.


Researching further, we learn that Eastern-religion monks spend many hours a day for many years before becoming adept at meditation. This alone puts meditation out of reach for most people. Who besides an ascetic monk has the time or the inclination, much less the motivation?

What if I told you none of that is truly necessary? What if I told you that you don't have to have an 'empty' mind or try to stop your thoughts? What if all you have to do is think lovely thoughts wherever you are in whatever position you're in? That's a much simpler proposition, isn't it?

Let's go further and give our simplified practice a new name. Instead of calling it "meditation" and invoking thoughts of rigorous discipline, let's call it "tuning up" which suggests a raising of inner frequency or vibratory rate, which is really what meditation is all about.

OK, so what is "vibratory rate"? Let's simplify that, too. Vibratory rate can be considered a loose measure of how good you feel. If you do or think something that makes you feel better than you were, then you've raised your vibratory rate.

Now for some practical application. Pay attention to your feeling tone, physically and emotionally. Especially note the sensations around your energy centers, aka 'chakras'. I use "energy center" because it is less mysterious sounding than "chakra".

Without getting into what these energy centers are just yet, it's enough to know you can use how these areas feel in tuning up your vibratory rate.

You know that warm-n-fuzzy rosy glow you feel in the chest area when you experience anything loving and kind? Pay attention to that as you alter your thoughts. Entertain thoughts that increase that feeling. It'll take some practice, but you will feel better overall as you do it.

Reduction of that rosy sensation indicates the kind of thinking that does not serve you. Increases in the nice fuzzy sensation indicate thinking in the right direction. But wait! There's more! Raising your vibratory rate does a lot more than just make you feel good -- not that it wouldn't be enough.

Tuning up also raises your perspective view on life. The higher you tune your vibratory rate, the more self-evident the truth of reality becomes to you. Ah ha! Now you know how spiritual masters come to know what they know.

Ralph J Huntington

Ralph J Huntington lives at the intersection of science and spirituality. Following a lengthy engineering and consulting technical career, Ralph has connected the dots between Quantum Mechanics, the mindset, and manifest reality. He has codified his revolutionary method into his Quantum Mindset Formula, which he likes to think of as a "Law of Attraction" operating manual. You are invited to connect. facebook